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An Australian traveller in class 8A


Australia is the topic the English book in class 8 starts with, so Mrs Seiler invited Nils Lutz from Astheim to talk about his trip to Australia and to show his pictures and videos.

Nils told us about his first days in Perth, his work at a Labrador farm near the outback, his surf experience at the West coast and then his trip to the East coast where he visited tourist attractions like Sidney, Bondi Beach and the Great Barrier Reef.

We were amazed how many reptiles and kangaroos he saw, and asked him about his diving trip at the Great Barrier Reef and, of course he told us about sharks and the danger of being stung by jellyfish.

All in all we learned how easy it is to get along in Australia, because the people there are so friendly and open towards foreigners, so maybe after our Abitur, some of us might go there as well.

English class 8A

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